How can we help prepare you for your Leaving Certificate?

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Michael Stein
2 Aug 2019

This year’s Leaving Certificate exams are already well underway across Ireland for thousands of students. If you’re going into your 4th or 5th year in September, you might already be thinking ahead to your own Leaving Certificate exams coming up in the next few years and looking at ways to prepare for them over and above your day to day class time at school. 

At Stein Study, we help Irish students with their foreign language preparation by offering a range of exciting study abroad options during school holidays and TY. Our courses are run at top language schools across France, Germany and Spain. 

How does studying abroad help you? 

Study abroad courses offer students a rewarding experience where they get to see another country, experience its culture and meet a range of new friends from around the world. Our courses are designed to fast track a student’s language ability with up to 30 weekly language lessons combined with immersion in the culture to encourage students to speak the language in everyday settings. Hearing the language being talked and having to converse in it to get by, whether with new friends or out and about at shops and cafes, is an effective way to learn. It introduces the student to new vocabulary, gets them familiar with accents and generally builds their confidence to speak the language. 

Our course options 

  • Leaving Cert Prep Courses

These courses combine daily general language lessons (listening, spoken, grammar and reading) with additional lessons that focus on going through past LC papers and working on oral comprehension. In the afternoons, evenings and at weekends there is plenty for students to do including sport, art, cultural activities and excursions to local places of interest. 

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  • Secondary School Abroad Courses 

You can spend 1 month to 10 months attending a Secondary School in your chosen country. These courses offer the ultimate immersion opportunity for students as they will be attending mainstream courses with local students. There is an initial 2-week language course at a partner language school to prepare students before they start at the Secondary School. 

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  • Other unique courses 

How about combining a Spanish language course with work experience? We listened to past students’ feedback and created a Spanish and TY Work Experience course in Cadiz, Spain. This unique course will put you ahead of the rest as you will not only return to Ireland with improved Spanish skills but also with some work experience to put on your college or job applications. 

Are you a keen rugby player? If so, we have the perfect course for you. Our TY French and Rugby course combines French language lessons with afternoons packed with rugby training and workshops. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your language skills whilst enjoying a trip abroad ahead of your Leaving Certificate. It’s never too early to start planning ahead so visit Stein Study today and you’re sure to find a course of interest. The hardest part will be choosing from our exciting range of destinations!



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