The benefits of our new Spanish and TY Work Experience course in Cadiz

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Michael Stein
2 Aug 2019

One of our newly launched courses – Spanish and TY Work Experience in Cadiz is creating much excitement and interest amongst our students and parents and we’re not surprised! This unique course was created following valuable feedback from former Stein Study students and also as a result of multiple requests from TY students asking about work experience opportunities. 

And what a great idea it is!  Not only do students improve their Spanish language skills ahead of their exams, but they can also gain valuable work experience in a foreign country. The course offers a fantastic opportunity for Irish students wanting to make the most of their TY and stand out from the crowd on their return. 

Here are the main benefits of the course: 


  • Fast track your language skills 


As well as the 20 weekly language lessons in the classroom, the work experience itself is a wonderful language learning opportunity. You will be working in a Spanish speaking environment – hearing and speaking the language. Without you even knowing it, you will be absorbing and learning new vocabulary. Being immersed in a language is one of the most effective ways to learn and excel. 


  • Demonstrates employable skills


Having work experience in a foreign country under your belt demonstrates some impressive skills and character traits which will make you stand out in university applications as well as future job applications. It shows independence, confidence, ambition and open-mindedness for a start. Your experience will provide you with examples and scenarios to draw on in future interviews, giving you a competitive edge. Being able to demonstrate life experience and have real stories to tell will benefit you throughout your life. 


  • Boosts your confidence


Studying and working abroad will bring you great self-development as you are thrown into new situations and scenarios.  It will prove to yourself and others that you are able to cope in unfamiliar surroundings. The work experience itself will boost your confidence and encourage you to take on more challenges when you return to your everyday life in Ireland. 

About the course

Students will attend 20 hours of Spanish classes per week and spend 15 hours a week working at the language school.

Work experience roles include: 

You will help children learn Spanish and English as a teaching assistant. 

– Admin jobs in the school’s office 

– You will help the English department teachers and staff 

– Assisting with group activities 

There is also free time for students to have fun and enjoy the sunny destination of Cadiz. 

For more information about this unique study abroad course click here 



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