The top 5 things to do in Loches during a study abroad trip

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Michael Stein
2 Aug 2019

The riverside medieval town of Loches is a top destination to study French in France during transition year.  Students attend the St Denis International Boarding School and get to learn alongside local French students and other international students alike. 

Here are the top 5 things to do in Loches for study abroad students. 

  1. Enjoy the idyllic, beautiful surroundings 

Located in the Loire Valley region of France (known as the Garden of France), Loches is surrounded by rich countryside, forests and streams. In their spare time, students are free to explore, walk and ride bikes in the surrounding area. It offers a safe and fun environment to live and study. 

  1. Explore the medieval, historic streets 

Loches is steeped in medieval history and is one of the best-preserved towns in France. Students enjoy exploring its narrow traffic-free streets in the old town and its castle keep, royal residence and fine churches. The chateau and dungeon are within easy walking distance and are well worth a visit to learn about the connection with Richard the Lionheart. 

  1. Relax in the park

Students enjoy the town’s pretty public park located on the other side of the river looking up to the chateau. It’s a great place for a picnic and to spend time with new friends in your spare time. 

  1. Play sports

If you enjoy sports and activities, there is plenty on offer at the St Denis school in the evenings and at weekends. Football, basketball, athletics, roller-hockey, swimming, zumba and karate to name just a few. 

  1. Cultural events

Throughout the year, Loches plays host to a number of cultural events such as the International Festival of Arts and Science that takes place during the month of April each year and draws visitors from all over the world to watch the exciting performances and demonstrations. 

Other cultural events happen throughout the year in Loches and also in the nearby student city of Tours –  nicknamed “Little Paris” due to its cosmopolitan and artistic culture. A regular bus service connects Loches to Tours.

Loches is an idyllic French destination for study abroad students wanting to learn French in France and offers students plenty of freedom and fun in a safe environment. 

Click here to read about our study abroad Secondary School Programme in Loches which you can attend for anything from 2 weeks to 1 whole academic year. 



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