What’s it like staying with a host family?

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Michael Stein
2 Aug 2019

Many of our courses offer homestay accommodation which means students stay with a local host family. Host families are carefully vetted and approved local families who live within close proximity to the relevant language school. 

Each year, hundreds of Stein Study students stay with host families in France and Spain and we love hearing about their experiences. Here is a compilation of the feedback we’ve received so far from our 2019 students and their parents. This should help paint a picture about what it’s really like staying with a host family during your study abroad trip. 

2019 feedback 

“Shane spoke very highly of his host mother, Pepa. She was excellent to him – nice home, lovely food – nothing but good to say about her.”

Ruth, parent of Shane. 

“I had a very positive experience in the case of both my school-week accommodation and my weekend stays with my host family.”

Eve, student 

“Aoife really enjoyed Cadiz, the family she stayed with were very welcoming and because the had very little English all conversations were in Spanish which really improved her vocabulary etc.”

Claire, parent of Aiofe

“Her host family were super as were Tom and all the supervisors.”

Delores, parent of Ally 

“Really nice and also bit strict.” 

Cristiana, student 


“Willow really enjoyed her time in France.  She found her host family to be very welcoming and accommodating and she was delighted with the hospitality.” 

Jane, parent of Willow 

Staying with a host family is a really effective way to fast track your language ability. It exposes students to vocabulary and phrases outside of the classroom setting and offers students a safe and secure place to practice what they’ve learnt and to learn about the local customs and culture. 

Host families offer students the opportunity to get to know a local family who is there to help and support them during their time studying abroad. Firm friendships are often formed that can last a lifetime. 

Contact us if you have any queries about any of our courses or want to know further details about staying with a host family. 



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