How to choose the most suitable course for your child’s personality

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Michael Stein
5 Aug 2019

Have you decided to enrol your child on a study abroad course in Europe during TY or school holidays, but are still unsure which course and destination is the right choice? It can be quite hard to decide, so we’ve summarised a few things to consider when choosing a study abroad course for your child, to ensure the course best suits their individual interests and personality. 

Here are some key things to consider when making your choice: 

  • Is your child outgoing and sociable or more reserved and shy? 

Although all our courses cater for all children and personality types in general, we do advise that our Secondary School courses which entail full integration into a local secondary school, is best suited to more confident children. If your child is happy in new environments and gets on with large groups of children, then our TY Secondary School courses are extremely rewarding. Stein students, attend 2 weeks at a local language school brushing up on their language skills before being placed in a local Secondary School where they will take mainstream classes with local students. There is a lot of opportunity for socialising with local children which is a very effective way for students to learn the language. Click here for our range of TY Secondary School courses in France and Spain. 

Our TY Intensive and LC Prep courses alternatively are shorter term courses run in small classes at our partner language schools and might better suit children who prefer small, personal environments. 

  • Does your child enjoy outdoor activities or are they more interested in culture and arts? 

All Stein Study courses include a range of extramural activities in the afternoons and organised excursions at the weekend to keep children occupied and mixing with each other. Some of our courses however, have been formulated with the more active child in mind. 

The German and Ski in Lindenberg combines morning German lessons with afternoon ski lessons. And French and Rugby in La Rochelle combines morning French lessons with Rugby workshops and training sessions in the afternoons. 

For children who prefer culture and are interested in history, many of our destinations are steeped in history. From Seville in Spain, and Rouen and La Rochelle in France, many of our courses are run with interesting and informative excursions in mind for Irish students wanting to see and experience the real Europe during their time abroad. 

  • Does your child prefer being in a home environment with a family or staying with friends? 

If your child prefers being in a home environment, then sending them on one of our boarding school courses might not suit them and rather choose a course which includes homestay as an accommodation option. Local host families are carefully chosen and vetted to ensure students are well looked after during their stay. If however, you think your child would thrive staying on campus either at a boarding school or at the language school itself, consider courses that offer campus accommodation. Some of our courses do offer both options whereas some offer just one or the other accommodation choice. 

If you are still unsure which course to choose for your child, please contact us and we will happily advise you and help you make your decision. 



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