How long should I study abroad for? Short or long term?

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Michael Stein
21 Aug 2019

Studying abroad involves making some big decisions. Firstly, you need to decide on the destination and the type of programme to enrol on. Then you need to decide how long to enrol for. Stein Study’s courses can be taken for a duration of 2 weeks to 1 whole academic year. Students and parents alike often have difficulty trying to decide about the right course length so here we take a look at the advantages of short term and long term study abroad courses, to help you make the decision.

The advantages of short term study abroad courses

  • Take a course to fit your schedule

If your TY is getting busy and you are trying to fit in as much as possible, then a short term study abroad course is perfect to fit into your schedule. Just 2 weeks on one of our TY Intensive or LC Prep courses in France, Germany or Spain can vastly improve your language skills. Or you can take a short term course during your school holidays.

  • Ideal for students intimidated by longer-term programmes

If you are keen to experience a study abroad trip but are reluctant to commit for a longer period, then a short term course could be the answer. Just 2-3 weeks of studying abroad can bring so much benefit without the downside of homesickness.

  • Ideal if there are financial constraints

With so many other day-to-day costs and commitments for parents to consider, opting for a short term study abroad course is a more affordable alternative to committing to a long term option.

Advantages of long term study abroad courses

  • Increased opportunity to be fully immersed in the culture

Staying for a longer period of time allows students to become immersed in the culture and fully experience life in their new surroundings. Being immersed can help with language conversational skills and adds to important life experiences.

  • More time for exploring your study abroad destination

All Stein Study courses include plenty of activities, excursions and free time to explore the chosen destination. The longer a student stays, the more opportunity there is to see and do everything on offer.

  • Increased opportunity to make long-lasting friendships

Meeting new people and making friends from different countries is one of the many benefits of any study abroad course. Staying for a longer period of time gives you more opportunity to get to know your fellow students and host family and make lifetime friendships.

Short term or long term – whichever course duration you decide on, you will return home with increased confidence, better language ability and a host of stories to tell.

At Stein Study, we have a range of short term and long term courses to suit your requirements. Contact us for advice on which course is the right course for you.


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