La Rochelle – what do our students and their parents say?

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Michael Stein
21 Aug 2019

We send hundreds of Irish students to study in the popular town of La Rochelle each year and receive some great feedback. We asked our 2018 La Rochelle students and their parents to let us know how they found their study abroad experience.

Here’s a complication of some of the great feedback we have received:

  • What did you think about La Rochelle as a destination?

La Rochelle is a fantastic location as not only is it beautiful but it is a very accessible city.”

“I would recommend La Rochelle to anyone who loves the quiet historic towns with great nice life and views”.

  • Tell us about your experience at the inLingua Language school in La Rochelle

“The French classes were very helpful”.

“The school was relatively easy to get to and I was impressed with the lessons and all the teachers”.

“We were delighted with the course run by Stein study at the French school at La RochelleCharlie liked the school and the staff and feels she greatly benefitted in terms of language skills and confidence”.

“I do feel that the courses in terms of language are well run, and Megan’s language skills improved. Her ability to understand spoken French has improved greatly, and she tells me that she finds it easier to make sentences and to use the language.”

  • How was it staying with a host family?

“Many Thanks to all at Stein Study abroad. Lara(16), spent a month in La Rochelle with a wonderful host lady of whom she became very fond”.

“Aisling had a lovely family who were very kind and considerate. Tom was great meeting at the Airport and making sure they had everything they needed even when her friend was unwell they looked after her”.

“My host was fantastic and all the teaching staff were very nice”.

  • Other great feedback

“All in all it was a wonderful experience for our daughter, she was only sorry she hadn’t been brave enough to book for longer”.

“Aisling really enjoyed the experience and her french has improved as the family never spoke English to them. I would love to go back to La Rochelle next year myself as she was so happy there. Thank you for giving me peace of mind while Aisling was away”.

“Before going my son was a bit unsure and electing to stay for one week. He then rang us to ask could he stay for a second. We agreed straight away”.

“The support from Stein was excellent, and everything went exactly as Alex said it would. It was a truly formative positive experience”.

“Sarah Jane is more confident since her trip and believes in her ability to speak French. Overall a great experience – she matured as it is her first time away from abroad without family for more than 1 week”.

“I think the best aspect of studying abroad is immersing the students in the language where they are surrounded by it most of the day, and see it as a real thing rather than just an academic subject”.

We hope that helps with any concerns or queries you might have about studying abroad in La Rochelle. Contact us if you have any other queries about studying abroad in general or about any of our courses.
We run 4 course options in La Rochelle.


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