The benefits of sending your child to study abroad

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Michael Stein
21 Aug 2019

Making decisions about a child’s schooling and education are some of the biggest choices that parents face. For parents of older children approaching their Transition Year, one of those decisions could be whether to send them to a foreign country to study abroad during their transition year or even during the school holidays. Studying abroad brings many benefits to teenagers who are looking to improve their language skills and experience another culture.

At Stein Study, we are committed to developing a top quality range of study abroad courses for Irish students looking to improve their French, Spanish or German language skills in European destinations. We speak with parents on a daily basis and understand that making the decision about whether to send your child away to study abroad is a rather daunting one, so we’ve summarised the main benefits to help reassure you.

Why send your child to study abroad? 

  • To experience a new culture and see a new country

A study abroad experience will give your child the opportunity to witness a different way of life to what they are used to at home in Ireland and it broadens their outlook on life. They will experience first hand, the cultural differences that exist across Europe. They will get the opportunity to try interesting new foods, experience different customs and traditions and soak up the atmosphere of their destination town or city. Many of our students opt to stay with a host family which is one of the best ways to be fully immersed in the local country’s culture.

  • You will see a vast improvement in your child’s foreign language skills in a short amount of time

Being immersed in a language and learning it in its home country is very beneficial to teenagers and can fast track a student’s learning experience. Just 2 weeks of being constantly surrounded by other students and teachers speaking the language can bring a quick improvement to a student’s language ability. All our courses are designed to be intensive in nature with 20 to 30 lessons a week combined with plenty of social activities and fun too.

  • An opportunity for your child to broaden their horizons and meet interesting new friends from around the world

We work closely with our partner language schools to ensure that all our courses are both educational and sociable with plenty of after school activities and weekend excursions taking place. Students meet other international students and form lasting friendships. Some of our courses even focus on particular interests such as our French and Rugby course in La Rochelle and our German and Ski course in Lindenberg.

  • An opportunity for your child to be independent

Travelling to a foreign country and spending time without parents makes students more independent. Yes they may get pushed out of their comfort zone but it creates an opportunity for them to problem solve and be adaptive. They are sure to return home to you more confident and more capable!

  • A great addition to college and job applications

Studying abroad presents a great addition to your child’s application for college and for future jobs. It shows a sense of adventure, confidence and independence and can make an application stand out from all the rest.

If you are still unsure about sending your child to study abroad, then don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your concerns and for any other information, you need to help you make your decision.


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