The benefits of staying with a host family

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Michael Stein
21 Aug 2019

Many of our courses require students to stay with a local host family and some offer the choice between campus accommodation and host family accommodation. Staying with a host family is a popular option for young students wanting a more family, homely environment and there are many benefits to doing so.

Here are the main benefits of staying with a host family:

  • A relaxed environment to practice the language

You are there to learn the language and are sure to want to practice speaking it at any given opportunity. Staying in a family home provides a good opportunity to talk casually to family members – either around the dinner table or with general conversation and chit chat about your day. Even sitting down to watch TV together can be beneficial and listening to the language being spoken as much as possible will help. As you get to know your hosts and feel comfortable, your confidence will grow and you will feel more relaxed and confident practicing your skills.

  • An opportunity to learn the local lingo

Your classroom lessons will teach you the more formal elements of the language whereas chatting in a home environment will introduce you to words and phrases used in everyday situations including useful expressions. Your host family can offer a valuable extension to your language learning which you are unlikely to experience if staying in campus accommodation.

  • An opportunity to make lifelong friends

During your stay with a host family, you will become part of the family and are likely to get close to each other. It is a great way to form tight friendships and bonds that could last a lifetime.

  • Provides students with a support network

For students who suffer from homesickness, host families can be a great support; helping you with any problems you might experience during your stay.

  • Get an understanding of the local culture

Living with a local family allows you to discover daily rituals of their culture, to experience local food and customs and to join in with family celebrations and interactions with the neighbours and wider community. You will get plenty of free time to spend with your family in the evenings and at weekends.

All host families are carefully vetted and selected to ensure they can provide the right quality of accommodation and a learning environment for our students.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about staying with a host family and about our course options in general.


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