The benefits of studying abroad this summer

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Michael Stein
21 Aug 2019

Are you aged 13 to 17 and looking for something meaningful to do this summer? Consider studying abroad in France, Spain or Germany. There are many Stein Study short term courses to choose from, all aimed at improving students’ language skills in a short amount of time. Each of our courses also provides plenty of opportunities for students to have a fun, sociable and cultural experience.

Here’s a summary of the main benefits of studying abroad this summer:

1. Combine a summer holiday in the sun with a study abroad experience

If you crave spending some time abroad this summer to enjoy another culture and perhaps soak up the sun, then taking part in a study abroad programme could be the answer! Taking a study abroad course provides the added advantage of improving your language skills at the same time as having fun. We have carefully formulated our courses to ensure they offer the right balance of language lessons, activities, excursions and free time.

2. Improve your language skills in a short amount of time

If you are limited to time and want to spend just 2 weeks abroad doing your summer, then our courses allow for that. With 20-25 language classes a week and plenty of opportunities to practice speaking the language with new friends or even when out and about in the community; you are sure to return home with new and improved language skills after just a few weeks immersed in the language and culture.

3. Make new lifelong friends

On a Stein Course, you will get to meet fellow students from Ireland as well as other students from around the world who are also attending the language school. It’s now easier than ever to stay in touch long after returning back home to Ireland.

4. The opportunity to try new things

Whether you want to try surfing in Spain, sailing in France or hiking in Germany, there is something for everyone! Our language schools make sure there are fun activities for all to try. You will also be exposed to new cultural experiences – new food, new music and other cultural customs.

5. Gain some independence

Travelling to another country, staying with a host family and attending a school abroad offer great opportunities for young people to experience some independence for the first time. Although you will be well looked after at all times during your Stein Study study abroad experience, there are plenty of opportunities to be independent which will help you gain confidence and maturity.

Many of our courses run over the summer. Click here for our full range of available courses which includes TY Intensive Courses, Junior Summer Courses and Leaving Cert Prep Courses.

You can go for 2 weeks to 6 weeks and you are sure to return home with improved language skills and a lifetime of memories.


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