Getting ready for your study abroad trip

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Michael Stein
22 Aug 2019

Getting ready for your study abroad trip

If you’re booked to attend one of our study abroad programmes during your TY or school holidays, then we have some valuable tips to make sure you’re fully prepared before you depart. If you have not yet booked, then click here to see our full range of courses in Spain, France and Germany.

Whether you’re going for 2 weeks, a term or a whole academic year; you will feel more confident and will settle into your new surroundings easier with some good preparation before you go.

Here’s some preparation advice:

  • Make your travel arrangements

As soon as your place on a course is confirmed, liaise with the Stein Study team about travel arrangements. You will need to book a flight to the nearest airport to your destination and make any other bookings such as train journeys or transfers. Stein Study will tell you which airport you need, the best time to arrive and about suitable transfers. Although flights aren’t included in your course fees, some transfers from the airport to accommodation are included, so check with Stein Study before you make any of your own arrangements.

  • Research the destination

Do plenty of research online about your destination so that you have a good idea of what to expect. Read reviews, chat to people in your online communities and to people you know in person who may have been there already. During your research, make a note of places of interest and events that you would like to see while you are there. If you would like to try a particular activity during your study abroad trip such as sailing or surfing, then research where to go and who to contact. Some activities and excursions are included in Stein Study courses so check what is already included and what you might like to arrange as an extra.

Read about local customs and traditions and get a basic understanding of the differences with your own culture. Seek advice from others if you have any questions.

  • Check and prepare documentation

Make sure your passport is within date and will cover you for your whole trip abroad. If it is due to expire soon, renew your passport straight away. Once travel bookings have been made, make a note of booking references and safely store tickets.

Closer to your departure date, create a folder to store all your documentation. Print out any itineraries and the contact details of people you are meeting at the airport or train station. Again, Stein Study will help you with this.

  • Deciding what to pack

Check the climate of your destination at the time of year that you are going, and pack accordingly. You will most likely be limited to one suitcase and a smaller bag on your flight so pack sensibly. Remember that whether you are staying with a host family or on a campus, there will be washing facilities. If you are attending a Secondary School Programme for a number of months, you might need clothes for different seasons.

You will need to take some basic stationery for your course such as pencils and pens. All our courses do provide study books and paper but you may need to take your own foreign language dictionary.

With valuables, it is best to only pack essential items such as a camera, mobile phone and a small amount of spending money.

In summary, being prepared will help you make the most of your study abroad trip and will make your arrival and settling in much easier. Click here to contact Stein study if you have any questions


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