A Transition year in Germany

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Michael Stein
23 Aug 2019

A Transition year in Germany

Study abroad during your Transition Year in beautiful Germany and return home with greatly improved German language skills ready to apply to your Leaving Cert exams. The opportunity to study German in Germany is one not to be missed so if German is one of your subjects, read on to find out about our study abroad programmes in the pretty towns of Lindenberg and Bad Schussenried, Germany.

There are two programme options:

    1. TY Intensive Programme

There are 30 lessons per week taught in small classes of 10 – 12 students. Fully qualified and experienced tutors use engaging and stimulating teaching methods to ensure that students find these intensive lessons enjoyable as well as educational. You’ll learn alongside other international students and through interactive group work and will improve your overall German comprehension and expression as you practice conversation skills together. The small class size at the language school creates a personalised environment where your tutor can continuously monitor your overall progress and attend to your individual needs. Course duration – 2 weeks to 1 year.

    1. Leaving Cert Prep Course

There are 34 lessons per week with 30 taught in small groups for learning through interaction with fellow classmates and 4 private weekly lessons that focus on German Leaving certificate syllabus to fully prepare you ahead of your exams. In the private lessons you will work one on one with a tutor who pays attention to your individual needs and helps you achieve your learning goals. The group lessons will help improve your overall comprehension, fluency and German vocabulary. Course duration – 1 to 4 weeks.

Two great destinations to choose from for your German study abroad experience:

We are affiliated with the excellent Humboldt Institut which is an award winning language school with campuses in two locations in Germany.

    1. Lindenberg

The Humboldt Institut in Lindenberg is located on the edge of the small picturesque town, ideally located 30 mins from Austria, Switzerland and Lake Constance. The 200-bed school has fantastic on-site facilities and there is always something going on: from skiing in the Alps in winter to the Humboldt Olympics in summer. The school has a swimming pool, sports hall, mini golf course, and much more.

    1. Bad Schussenried

The Humboldt Institut in Bad Schussenried, is a modern boarding school nestled between a lovely park and an extensive outdoor recreation area. The school has space for up to 300 students from around the world and boasts an impressive infrastructure that allows students to partake in a range of recreational activities during their stay. The school is a 5-minute walk from Bad Schussenried – a historic monastery town located in the beautiful hilly region between Lake Constance and the Danube and Iller rivers.

With two great study abroad programme options and two great destinations to choose from, there is every reason to study German in Germany during your Transition Year. Furthermore, all programmes in both Lindenberg and Bad Schussenried can be started any Monday during the year to fit in with your other TY plans. More info about our German courses here.


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