Get ready for your Leaving Cert

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Michael Stein
23 Aug 2019

Get ready for your Leaving Cert

Studying abroad ahead of your Leaving Certificate enriches a student’s life, academically and in future career terms. Study German in GermanyFrench in France or Spanish in Spain will see your foreign language ability – particularly your oral skills, dramatically improve thus giving you a boost when you return to school for your Leaving Certificate exams.

At Stein Study, we have formulated a range of study abroad courses with leading language schools across Europe. In particular, our Leaving Certification Prep course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and ability they need for their foreign language Leaving Certificate exams.

Here are the fundamentals of our Leaving Certificate Prep Programmes:

  • 15 hrs of French tuition per week from 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday
  • 10 hrs of Leaving Cert Prep lessons per week focusing on the Leaving Cert and Oral Comprehension
  • Cultural Programme every afternoon
  • 1 x full day excursion every Saturday
  • Homestay accommodation or Full Board on campus
  • For students aged 16 – 18

And if you’re still not convinced about taking the leap to study abroad ahead of your Leaving Certificate, here are some more benefits to consider:

  • You’ll learn to speak the language like a native
  • It will open your eyes to new ways of thinking
  • Immerse yourself in a totally different culture
  • Give yourself a head start for the Leaving Cert
  • Learn how to be more independent and flexible
  • It looks great on your CV!
  • Meet new people and make friends for life

Call us today and get your study abroad programme booked! You could be studying German in GermanyFrench in France or Spanish in Spain before you know it!


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