Study abroad options for Irish teens

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Michael Stein
23 Aug 2019

Study abroad options for Irish teens

Study abroad during your Transition Year or even during the school holidays to improve your foreign language skills. Stein Study runs study abroad programmes specifically tailored for Irish students. Each course is offered through a top language school in only the best destinations across France, Spain and Germany. It is becoming increasingly popular for Irish students to spend some or even all of their Transition Year abroad and they are really reaping the benefits.

Here’s what student Seana had to say about her time studying in France:

“Yes, I think my language skills have improved. Having gone on this trip, I finally got my head around the grammars. It helped me to think in French and I feel I can construct sentences better on the spot”.

And just as importantly, about the fun she had:

“The most fun parts of the trip was firstly, the free time we were given. This time allowed us to arrange a separate trip on the Sunday to Paris. I also enjoyed independently, touring Rouen- seeing the Notre Dame Cathedral and eating out and meeting up with friends in the evening”.

Here’s a summary of a few of our top destinations and study abroad programmes:

Bonjour La France!

  • La Rochelle

A firm favourite with Irish students; this magnificent harbour town in France offers plenty to do and experience. Our partner language school InLingua, is located in the centre of the town and close to the beaches making it ideal for exploring the vibrant streets, shops and markets between classes and even sailing and surfing opportunities if that’s your thing.

3 great study abroad programmes to choose from:

Transition Year intensive Course

Transition Year Secondary School Course

Leaving Cert Prep Course

  • Loches

We offer a unique study abroad programme in the beautiful medieval town of Loches. Run at the St Denis International School, we have developed an outstanding programme for Irish students to study and stay in a Secondary School environment. Unlike our other secondary school programmes, students study only French for the duration of their stay and also reside at this top international boarding school. Loches is a calm and safe destination for students with plenty to do and see.

French Boarding Secondary School Programme

Hola España!

  • Cadiz

Cadiz appeals to sun seeking Irish students looking for good beaches and great weather. It is a safe and student friendly town with thriving marketplaces, vibrant plazas, pretty white washed buildings and narrow cobbled streets. It is an ideal location for students who want to soak up Spanish culture whilst improving their language skills.

3 programmes to choose from:

Transition Year intensive Course

Transition Year Secondary School Course

Leaving Cert Prep Course

  • Toledo

In Toledo, Stein Study students study and stay at the private international boarding school, San Patricio. TY students study mainstream subjects in Spanish with additional Spanish language classes for support. This programme offers a fast track way to improve your Spanish though attending classes and living with other international and Spanish students and being exposed to the Spanish culture. This top school has first class facilities and offers a quiet and safe environment for students to thrive.

Transition Year Secondary School Course

Hallo Deutschland!

  • Lindenberg

Our programmes in Lindenberg are run by The Humboldt Institut which is a top quality German language school. Located on the edge of the small resort town of Lindenberg, only half an hour from Austria, Switzerland and Lake Constance, this 200-bed school always has something going on: from skiing in the Alps in winter to the Humboldt Olympics in summer. With great facilities and a beautiful campus, students can learn and have fun in a safe and secure environment.

Intensive German Course

Leaving Cert Prep Course

If you haven’t yet worked out which course is best for you, then don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can help you through the decision process and answer any questions you might have.


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