Study German in Germany

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Michael Stein
23 Aug 2019
Study German in Germany

Study German in Germany

Are you considering a study abroad programme in Germany during your TY or school holidays? There is no better way to improve your foreign language skills than being in the native country itself – studying with other international students and local students alike, who all want to speak the language to you.

Germany has a lot to offer young students. It is a safe, efficient and friendly country that makes international students very welcome. The standard of teaching is outstanding and world-renowned.

We have carefully formulated a top-quality range of study abroad programmes for Irish students wanting to study German in Germany. And we have chosen a well established and respected language school – The Humboldt-Institut, to run the courses for us at their two well-equipped campuses in Lindenberg and Bad Schussenried.

There are 2 course choices for study abroad students at both campuses.

1. TY Intensive Course

The TY Intensive Courses are a great way to improve your German in a short period of time. You will have 30 language classes per week in small groups of 10-12 pupils. You’ll learn alongside other international students and through interactive group work and will improve your overall German comprehension and expression as you practice conversation skills together. There is also plenty of time to enjoy the fully equipped campus with sports and hobby activities each afternoon and weekend excursions.

2. Leaving Cert Prep Courses

These courses have been carefully formulated to help you with your forthcoming LC exams. As well as 30 hours a week of small group classes, you will also receive 4 weekly private lessons which will be tailored to focus solely on the Irish LC syllabus, in order to leave you feeling confident enough to sit your upcoming oral and written. Again, there will still be time for activities and fun on campus with your fellow students as well as weekend excursions.

Both the TY Intensive and Leaving Cert Prep Courses are available at either the Bad Schussenried or Lindenberg campuses.

Click here for more information on these study abroad courses in Germany and to find out about the two campus locations. Study German in Germany to see your language ability progress in a short amount of time. Courses are available to start from November 2018 to March 2019.


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