The best way to learn German!

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Michael Stein
23 Aug 2019

The best way to learn German!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just download a new language to our brain for instant language ability? Alas, the reality is a bit harder and learning a foreign language such as German can be challenging and time consuming. Here are some suggestions to make your German language learning more efficient and effective during your transition year.

1. Study abroad

Study abroad in Germany during your transition year and you will pick up the language far quicker than sitting in a classroom in Ireland. Learning German in Germany itself will see your language skills progress in leaps and bounds. On a Stein Study course in Germany you will attend a leading Language School and be encouraged to only speak German in class.

2. Immerse yourself in the culture

Immersing yourself in the German culture and language during your Transition Year abroad will expose you to new vocabulary and help with your language comprehension as well as boost your confidence. Spend as much time as possible with other German speaking students and try to converse in German only. Take advantage of every opportunity you get to practice, for example: At the shops, markets and social gatherings.

3. Study the language regularly

Reinforce your learning by spending some time each day studying and practicing. Cramming German for half a day and then not practicing again for a week is less effective than learning some German every day. Stein Study courses have been developed to incorporate daily German language classes with plenty of fun activities and opportunities to practice the language with friends outside of class time.

4. Review and Repeat

Go back and review what has been learnt. With so much to get through, students often make the mistake of concentrating on new material and not going back to review and repeat what they have previously learnt. Practice what you have learnt each day with your roommate or study partner while it’s fresh in your brain.

Our study abroad courses in Germany

Attend one of Stein Study’s study abroad programmes in Germany to improve your language skills. Click here to find out about our range of courses which includes:

  • Transition Year Intensive courses for ages 14-17
  • Leaving Cert Prep Courses for ages 15 plus

There are two German destinations to choose from – Bad Schussenried and Lindenberg. Both are pretty rural towns with courses run by the Humboldt Institute which is a well known and well established language school with world class teaching and boarding facilities in both destinations.


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