Why would you choose to send your child away to study abroad?

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Michael Stein
23 Aug 2019

Why would you choose to send your child away to study abroad?

Parents of children of all ages are faced with many educational decisions and once you have a teenager on your hands, one of those decisions could be whether to send them to a foreign country to study abroad during their transition year. At Stein Study, we are committed to developing a top quality range of study abroad courses for Irish students looking to spend either their transition year abroad or their school holiday abroad. Your child can study French in FranceSpanish in Spain or German in Germany.

Making the decision whether to send your child away to study abroad is a rather daunting one so we’ve summarised the main benefits for you, to help you make your decision.

Benefits of sending your child to study abroad:

1. An opportunity for your child to see a new country

Your child will get to see and experience a brand-new country with different outlooks, customs and activities. They will see different architecture, different terrain and see all the unique attractions of that country.

2. A vast improvement in their foreign language skills

Studying a language in its home country is very beneficial and can fast track a student’s learning experience. Being fully immersed in the culture by living with a local family and being surrounded by local students aids the learning experience substantially. Your child will return home and impress you with their improved language ability that will help them in their Leaving Certificate exams.

3. Experience a new culture

study abroad experience will give your child the opportunity to witness a different way of life and teach them about the cultural differences that exist across Europe. They can try interesting new foods, experience different customs and traditions and soak up the atmosphere. Many of our students opt to stay with a host family which is one of the best ways to be fully immersed in the local country’s culture.

4. An opportunity for your child to broaden their horizons and meet interesting new friends from around the world

All our courses are very sociable with many after school activities and weekend excursions taking place. Students meet other international students and form lasting friendships. And of course, staying in contact is easy with social media.

5. An opportunity for your child to be independent

Spending time in a foreign country without their parents makes students more independent without a doubt. It is an opportunity for them to problem solve and be adaptive and even be pushed a little out of their comfort zone. Hopefully, they will return home more confident and more capable!

Please see our wide range of study abroad courses here. We have carefully chosen the best destinations across France, Spain and Germany and have developed our courses with the best language schools.


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