Benefits of studying abroad for a full school term 

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Michael Stein
23 Sep 2019

Whether you want to study a short term language course for just a few weeks or a longer-term course for a full term, Stein Study has a course that’s right for you. Our short courses are popular with students looking to make the most of their school holidays and our full-term courses are designed for TY students looking for something longer-term and more in-depth. 

The French Boarding Secondary School Programme in Loches is a popular long term course for students wanting to improve their French language ability and to experience school life in France. 

Studying abroad for a longer period of time has many benefits. Let’s take a look at why studying abroad for a full term is so rewarding and beneficial to Irish students during their TY. 

  • More time to practice what you have learnt

In-depth understanding can be gained with our longer-term courses. Although even our short courses bring immense improvement in language ability, students returning from our longer-term courses show a huge advancement in their linguistic ability. There is more time for repetition and for students to practice what they have learnt. 

  • Increased opportunity to be fully immersed in the culture

Staying for a longer period of time allows students to become immersed in the culture and fully experience life in their new surroundings. Being immersed can help with language conversational skills and adds to important life experiences. 

  • More time for exploring your study abroad destination 

All Stein Study courses include plenty of activities, excursions and free time to explore the chosen destination. The longer a student stays, the more opportunity there is to see and do everything on offer. 

  • Increased opportunity to make long-lasting friendships

Meeting new people and making friends from different countries is one of the many benefits of any study abroad course. Staying for a longer period of time gives you more opportunity to get to know your fellow students and host family and to make lifetime friendships. 

At Stein Study, we have a range of full-term courses in the best destinations across France, Germany and Spain. Contact us for advice on which course is the right course for you and with any other queries you might have about studying abroad during TY.


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