The best ways to travel around La Rochelle

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Michael Stein
26 Sep 2019

La Rochelle is one of our most popular French destinations and a question we often get asked about the city is whether it is easy for students to get around. This is a very important concern for students and their parents so we have summarised the best ways for students to travel around La Rochelle.

  • On foot

Much of central La Rochelle is closed to cars so walking around the main tourist areas is easy and safe. The language school is within walking distance to local shops, cafes, the harbour and beaches.

  • Bus

La Rochelle has a cheap and efficient bus system that services the city and suburbs. Weekday and Saturday services run from 6.30 am to 9.00 pm with core routes running every 20 to 30 minutes. Buses are easy to use and help and guidance is available from language school staff and host families. A bus pass is included in the price of all our La Rochelle courses.

  • Bike

La Rochelle is quite a flat city so if you get access to a bike during your stay, this is a good way to get around. There are many bike paths and tracks around the city and a bike-share scheme which is available to visitors. When you arrive in La Rochelle the school will help set this up for any students who wish to rent a bike.

  • Travelling further afield

Weekly excursions are included in all of our courses. Many destinations are outside La Rochelle itself and will require a bus journey or even a boat ride. If you get some additional free time with friends or your host family, you might consider taking a train ride to visit neighbouring seaside towns. There is also a bus service that connects La Rochelle with outlying towns and villages, although these buses are quite infrequent compared to the city centre buses.

  • Getting to and from the airport

Transfers are included in the price of our La Rochelle courses and will be arranged for you once we have been notified of flight details. Transfer will be by taxi.

For further information about our La Rochelle courses or La Rochelle itself, please contact us.


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