Staying with a host in Cadiz

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Michael Stein
11 Oct 2019

Staying with a host family is a popular accommodation choice with our study abroad students. Some of our courses offer the choice between staying on-campus or with a host family, whilst with other courses, all our students stay with host families. 

It offers a great way to practice your language skills further during a study abroad course and to fully experience the local culture and customs. It provides a full immersion language experience and we find that students who stay with hosts see a vast improvement in their oral language skills.

But what’s it really like staying with a host? Will I like my host family? These are questions often asked by our students and their parents and we try to give students as much information as possible about who they’ll be staying with before they depart. 

Here’ an example of one of our lovely hosts from Cadiz, Spain. 

Meet Inma

Inma is a kind and generous host who always has a smile on her face. She lives in a lovely apartment in the heart of the Barrio de Santa María are of Cadiz, close to the language school and Santa María beach. Inma works in a nursery which might be the reason why she is always cheerful! Her hobbies include reading, going to the beach and the cinema. Inma is very close to her family and enjoys welcoming students from around the world into her home.  

“My host mother was an absolute star! She made good food and also acted as my mother there and comforted me if I was a bit down, but she also knew when to give me my own space”.  Clara (student) 

Whether you stay for 2 weeks or 1 year, you are bound to get close to your host family and develop firm friendships.  

If you are interested in a Stein Study course and want to know anything further about staying with a host family then please don’t hesitate to contact us


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