The benefits of work experience abroad

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Michael Stein
31 Oct 2019

Irish TY students are increasingly looking for new ways to get the most out of this important year of school.  Work experience is already popular, with many students seeking out local roles in their home towns and villages but what about going further afield? We’re not talking about looking for work experience in the next town but work experience in another country! Combining work experience with a study abroad course such as those offered by Stein Study is a fantastic way to improve language skills and gain valuable work experience at the same time. 

Here are the benefits of carrying out work experience in another country. 

  • It will help your CV/application stand out 

Working in a foreign country looks very impressive on your CV and will help your application stand out from the rest. In job or university interviews, you will be able to draw on your experience gained and demonstrate how culturally experienced you are. 

  •  It demonstrates employable skills

As well as looking for good qualifications, employers also want to know about a candidate’s character. Having work experience abroad demonstrates certain skills and personality traits  such as:

– Independence 

– Sense of adventure

– Confidence 

– Ambition 

– Open-mindedness 

– Adaptability 

  • Improves language skills 

Working in an environment where English isn’t spoken encourages students to practice their language skills and use what they have learnt in the classroom in a real-life setting. Being in a work environment exposes students to different vocabulary and phrases that they may not come across in the classroom. 

  • Helps grow your global network

You will undoubtedly meet new people whilst carrying out work experience abroad and having a global contact base is beneficial when job hunting in the future. It will expose you to people and opportunities that would not have been presented to you if you’d stayed at home. 

  • Self-development

You will be thrust into new situations and will learn how to adapt quickly. The experience will boost your confidence and give you a greater drive to take on tasks that you previously wouldn’t have considered possible. 

Finding a work experience placement abroad can be difficult but with Stein Study, there is an easier way. Our TY French and Work Experience and TY Spanish and Work Experience programmes combine language study in the mornings with work experience in the afternoons. Contact us to find out more about these unique courses that are helping Irish TY students make the most of their transition year.


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