What to expect when staying with a host family in La Rochelle 

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Michael Stein
29 Nov 2019

Staying with a host family (homestay accommodation) is a popular choice for many of our study abroad students. Some of our courses offer the choice between staying on-campus or with a host family, whilst with other courses, all our students stay with host families.

In La Rochelle,  all Stein Study students stay in homestay accommodation with a host family. There are great benefits to staying with a host family as it provides a full immersion language experience and is an invaluable opportunity for students to practice their language skills and to experience the local culture and customs. 

Our students have been returning from La Rochelle throughout the year, with some great feedback from their parents about their time staying with a host family in La Rochelle…here’s what they had to say: 

“Ally had a hugely rewarding experience in Le Rochelle. Her host family were super and she is only disappointed that she was unable to stay longer!” Delores

“Willow really enjoyed her time in France. She found her host family to be very welcoming and accommodating and she was delighted with the hospitality.” Jane

“I wanted to let you know how happy we were with John’s trip to Rochelle. John loved his family and I am asking you *seriously* to reserve the same family next year (summer term) for his brother and his friends for the last term of 2020.” Aoife

“Ava had a nice time in La Rochelle and the host family were particularly lovely.” Caragh

Tony had an amazing experience in La Rochelle. His house was very welcoming, Sylvie was great… I think the kids particularly enjoyed being involved in her birthday party.” Ciona

“Paddy had a brilliant time in La Rochelle.  His host was superb and the location was perfect.” Pauline

“The family she was with were lovely,  the house very nice and I was happy with the level of supervision.” Denise

We hope this puts both students and their parents’ mind at rest when planning their study abroad course. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about staying with a host family. 

Click here for our range of Stein Study La Rochelle courses for 2020. 



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