What happens in the classroom in Cadiz?

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Michael Stein
19 Feb 2020

Are you considering a study abroad course but want a clearer idea of what happens in the classroom before making the important decision to book your place? We’ve put together a summary of FAQs about what a typical Spanish lesson entails at our partner language school in Cadiz – Clic International House.  

  • How are students divided up into classes? 

Classes are divided into groups of a maximum of 12 students and according to the language level of the students. 

  • How is the day structured? 

The first class of the day is focused on theory; students work with new grammar structures and new vocabulary. Students also usually focus on developing their reading and listening skills at this stage of the day. In the second class, students put into practice what they have learnt and take part in communicative and creative activities. 

  • Are classes taught in Spanish or English? 

Classes are taught 100% in Spanish. Students are further encouraged to communicate between themselves in Spanish and also with the teacher. There are different nationalities in each classroom and teachers encourage plenty of interaction in Spanish between students and encourage students to learn from one another. 

  • What is covered in the classes?  

All aspects of Spanish culture and modern trends in Spain are covered in the lessons so there is plenty of new and interesting vocabulary for the students to learn. 

  • What classroom aids are used during a lesson? 

Teacher’s work with projectors and digital whiteboards, easing the learning process for students. The language school also incorporates all kinds of audio input, videos and games so that the classes are both dynamic and engaging.

In Cadiz, Stein Study offers four Spanish language courses that are designed to improve Irish students’ Spanish ability, boost their confidence as well as provide many opportunities to see and experience the local culture and try a range of fun activities. Click here for further details of our courses in Cadiz.


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What happens in the classroom in Cadiz?

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