The Stein Study Brand Ambassador Program 2020 

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Michael Stein
28 Feb 2020

Continuing from last year’s successful programme, Stein Study’s Brand Ambassador program is recruiting friendly, outgoing students to help them promote their courses in 2020.  No experience necessary – you just need to be passionate about travel and improving foreign language skills. The work won’t take up much of your time – simply tell your friends about our courses at school, your social clubs and of course on social media.

How does the Brand Ambassador Program benefit you?

  • The Brand Ambassador title – a fantastic addition to your CV
  • Valuable sales and social media marketing experience
  • For each person you get to sign up for a Stein Study course, you will receive €50 off your own trip fee as well as €50 off their trip.

Let’s hear from a previous Brand Ambassador…

Ellen was one of the first Stein Study Brand Ambassadors. She gives us her feedback on how she found the role and how it has benefited her. 

  • How did you become a Stein Study Brand Ambassador?

I heard about the program when I was on my first trip to Spain with Stein Study. I asked about it when I was booking my next trip and was soon welcomed onto the team as a Brand Ambassador which made organising my second trip so much easier.

  • What kind of work did you have to do?

I was in direct contact with the program organiser and was supplied with all the course information I needed. Most of the work I did was social media based and answering questions from friends and their parents, or forwarding queries to the Stein team when necessary. I also arranged a meeting at my school with Stein Study for all the parents and students interested in attending a course. 

  • What skills do you need to be a successful Brand Ambassador?

You need to have good communication skills and a strong personality. No other skills are required apart from basic social media knowledge such as posting and liking. Also, an interest in travel and improving language skills while having fun and making friends. 

  • What would you tell someone who is considering taking part?

The Brand Ambassador Program was truly an amazing learning experience for me. I learned a lot of marketing and sales skills which as a Business Student I continue to use almost three years later. It greatly enhanced my IT and communication skills as a lot of the work consisted of communicating online with the head office and with friends on social media. The Brand Ambassador title also looks great on a C.V. Another reason I would recommend the programme to students is that they can earn money off the cost of their own trip.

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